Stop playing those songs!

So its seems RIAA is topping themselves. I guess their success at stopping the filesharers have left them with lawyers who need something to do. So now going after people who share notes or lyrics too. The argument seems to be that having people sing popular songs around the campfire causes artists to starve. Saddest part is that this ugly behaviour where first started by a Norwegian organisation called Kopinor.

Be aware, their next goal is to have you arrested for humming in the car.


In what almomst feels like being inconsistent I am happy to announce the availability of libmms 0.2. This latest version now includes mmsh support so you can listen to any MMS stream out there. Check out the download site for details. Edgard Lima updated the MMS plugin to GStreamer 0.10 and this release, so in gst-plugins-bad you know find the mmssrc plugin.

1 thought on “Stop playing those songs!

  1. Ah, well, in Belgium it happens regularly that student associations are sent an invoice because they didn’t pay for singing at a “cantus”[1].

    [1] a typical drink-a-lot-and-sing-a-lot-happening for students here

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