Testing GStreamer 0.10 and Totem

Seems Virgin Radio UK are streaming in every possible format known to the Gods above and probably a few even the gods don’t know about. Anyway I figured it be a good test for GStreamer and Totem, so I went through their streams to see which work and which needs more work. Things aren’t quite as rosy as I had hoped, but apart from the issue with chained oggs there wasn’t anything I would consider embarasing either. Most if the issues where related to our RTSP support being early stage though. Wim did write a rtspsrc element some time ago, but there has been little RTSP client side work happening since then. Hopefully someone with an interest in RTP and client side support for it will take a look at these streams and totem and start hacking to get them working. Should be doable within a week or two, including writing the needed depayloaders, but it of course depend upon how much RTP and general programming experience one got.

Of course everthing wasn’t about missing functionality in GStreamer. Two issues where one which needed to be resolved by Totem’s playlist parser, one of them which bastien fixed right away. Tried mailing Virgin Radio reporting that their playlist needing fixing, wonder if they will ever get back to me on that :).

In related news I managed to view a windows media video in Mozilla using the Totem browser plugin today using the Fluendo Windows Media plugins. the MadModMike demo video from Nvidia worked fine. Was a tiny stride issue in the wmv decoder, but that should be a quick fix for Julien and David. As soon as that issue is fixed I will send out the Windows Media plugins to our beta testers.

Since I am on the media support issue. Got a new issue of Red Hat magazine today. Was happy to see that the Ogg format was back among the video formats supported and that it was of good quality this time. Good going Red Hat!

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