Continued stream testing

Thanks to Tim, Bastien and James from Virgin Radio we where able to resolve a lot of issues with the streams today.

None of the streams ‘bork’ out anymore. Those that don’t work will nicely tell you so. A pleasant suprise today was that with the playlists and their parsing fixed, the Real streams worked nicely. The AAC+ stream also got nicely fixed today by Tim.

The RTSP only streams (like the one called Real 10 AAC) still doesn’t work and won’t start to work until we get someone interested in helping with the RTSP support.

Also have some weird WMA or MMS issues which makes the WMA stream not work properly atm. Need to have Julien to look into that I think in order to figure it out. Although not having any firm proof I do suspect mmssrc, but I guess that is partially cause I know libmms is as good as orphaned and in desperate need of someone to come and adopt and love it.

Still all in all some good progress today, and once again a big thanks to Tim, Bastien and James for their efforts.

1 thought on “Continued stream testing

  1. You’d better test audio/video sync issues. That is my second biggest grief about the whole “let’s swich everything to gstreamer” party. The first is format support, especially lack of support for the w32codecs pack.

    I just want it to play everythin that I throw at it with all the audio streams, subtitle options and perfect a/v sync – just like mplayer or xine.

    But it seams that it is not possible and people seam to value their media players by some other criteria. :(

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