Good progress on 0.10 items for 2.14

Just noticed that Ross closed the port GStreamer to 0.10 bug as resolved. Things are also looking good on the GNOME Media side with the planed release for today making sure everything is ported and working nicely.

Julien and Tim have also been making very good progress on getting Totem up to speed, with Julien commiting first stage support for .sub subtitle files to CVS yesterday. And now working on polishing it up with proper seeking support.

Another long standing issue now getting some attention is that of multiple soundcards and USB soundcards. Jürg Billeter is now hacking on the problem and hopefully this will give us a really sweet solution for this problem. Go Go Jürg!

Travelling in Barcelona

So I got of my lazy ass yesterday and onto my bike. I biked all the way up to Tibidabo which is a church and ammusement park located on a mountain behind the city. It was heavy going getting up there, especially as I had no clue on how to get there I just biked straight ahead, which meant making my way through some residential areas and also through narrow forrested paths climbing the mountain. Going down as easier as I just followed the main road, although I thought I where to freeze my fingers off :)

One thought on “Good progress on 0.10 items for 2.14

  1. God, it is so *good* that someone finally picked up the stone which is really challanging even for Windows and OS X – multiple soundcards and USB soundcards. For example, Gstreamer and ALSA still have problems with that, but with if someone trying to solve one piece of puzzle, other will be challanged and encoureged to lend a helping hand.

    Have to join in – go go man, go go Jürg! :))

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