GNOME Webshop available or ?

One thing that was worked on by the board last year, or mostly by David Neary, was getting a GNOME webshop going.
Well it seems we got beaten to the punch
. Well at least we know what the Gnome looks like now :)

Good wine experience

I used to play the Magic the Gathering card game a lot some years ago. I came across an advertisement for a MtG computer game the other day which made me remember that there used to be a computer version of the original card game. I found the demo online of the original game and tried running it under Wine. Worked like a charm, I was almost suprised when both the installation and running of the game worked perfectly. Only minus was that sound support didn’t seem to work, but still I had some fun hours playing with the simple demo decks :) Good going Wine hackers.

Virgin Radio UK

Usually when you contact a media company through their public communication channels you feel you are sending stuff into the void.
I have had a very positive experience with
Virgin Radio UK
in this regard as they have updated their streams page fixing all the issues we have pointed out with them, randing from playlist problems to misnamed stream naming. Anyway now their streams
have perfect playlists and correct naming. A few bugs to sort out on our side still to handle everything, but I am sure we get there. Thanks to James at Virgin Radio for his help and assistance.

Emusic followup

Also Edward at the office signed up for emusic now. He tends to download whole albums more than me so the lack of a nicely working Linux client came up. Found the open source EmusicJ created by Robin Sheat. Works very nicely.

4 thoughts on “GNOME Webshop available or ?

  1. I used to be a huge Magic player, and get together with a few friends every once and a while to draft the new sets. So, this post inspired me to try the game in Wine. Everything seems to work fine – except for fonts. First, they were squashed to death. After installing MS Web fonts, they’re now invisible. Shucks :(

    If I can figure out a work around, I’ll challenge you ;)

  2. So does this mean that Totem will now play Virgin Radio’s Ogg Vorbis streams without quitting after a song ends?

    It’s almost as if Virgin were concatenating Ogg Vorbis files together and Totem (or should I say GStreamer) can’t decode concatenated Ogg Vorbis files so well.

    I’ll look forward to trying the fixed GStreamer and/or Totem when they arrive in Fedora Core GNU/Linux (hopefully they’ll make it into FC5).

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