Community help for Surround Sound

Tim has been working on a patch to
enable Surround Sound in GStreamer 0.10. Due to limited hardware available we really need people in the community to help out with testing it so we can make sure its 100% before merging it into an official release. So if you have surround sound hardware (not spdif) with your computer please grab that patch and gst-plugins-base CVS and compile and report back your findings to that bug report linked above.

2 thoughts on “Community help for Surround Sound

  1. I’de love to help but please be more specific. Is it possible for you to write a more detailed guide.
    Howto install, howto test and howto report data.

    I’m running Ubuntu Dapper Drake. Via chip audio with a creative labs 5.1 soundsystem.

    Can you mail me this stuff? Thanks

  2. willing to help too, but hoping for some mixer that makes it easy too then, cause alsamixer and a sb live! are a pain to get surround working right with all the weird labels..

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