Productive day

Got a lot of little issues fixed today. Wim fixed the RTSP element taking us one step closer to RTSP stream protocol support in the players. Edward ported the ffmpeg demuxer plugin, adding support for tons of new formats. Tim checked in his cdxa plugin port and the dvdread plugin port, giving VCD support and making a big step forward towards DVD support in Totem for 0.10. And Thomas fixed many small issues to polish of our mobile phone streaming for Flumotion.
I ended up doing some thumbnailing testing with Totem after a claim it was broken. Worked nicely for me. Only format which didn’t thumbnail at all was Real, but hopefully that is a small bug to sort out. Nice to see even the Flash files getting thumbnailed :)

Things are also starting to fall in place for our media center solution. Will blog more about that after the weekend, with some screenshots of our current proof-of-concept.