Back from 3GSM

Back at the office today after spending the last 3 days at the 3GSM tradeshow. We helped one of our customers, do a sucessful launch of their product, streaming sport events to mobile devices.
Also learned the hard way during the conference that I spend to much time sitting down in my job. The last half of every day at the conference was spent in pain with aching feet, neck and back.

A lot of interesting things on show at the conference. Was very happy for instance to see Nokia having 2 persons on the main booth dedicated to demonstrating the Nokia 770 and that these two persons always seemed to have a good crowd around them.

Was also nice to see the Lipsforum .org announcements about using GTK+ and GStreamer for mobile devices.

Also walking from booth to booth asking about people’s products it seem everyone doing some kind of software either had a linux port already or one was planned to start soon. Not that many years ago the answer would have been ‘linux? what is that?’

Next year maybe we do our own booth with Fluendo, but then again just walking around as we did this year also yielded very good results and a lot of interesting information.

New employees

So we have two new employees at the office now, both formally starting on Monday. Zaheer Merali is one of them, a well known long time contributor to GStreamer and also known as the creator of Istanbul. Also joining us is Matthieu Garcia (b0nk on IRC) who is an old friend of Edward (bilboed) and who will be doing codec optimisation work for us. A big welcome to both.

Media Center Solution

I also promised some more information about our media center solution in my previous blog entry. I have a couple of screenshots available for our early prototype which you can see here and here.
One of the core building blocks of the media center solution apart from GStreamer will be the Togra framework created by Jan (thaytan). We have also hired two people who will soon start at our Lyon office. I will announce their names in my next update on the media center solution, which we have baptized ‘Elisa’.

4 thoughts on “Back from 3GSM

  1. The media center will be floss, also it will not use pygame. Its only the prototype that uses pygame :) In the final version pygame and pyopengl will be replaced by Togra.

  2. hi Christian,

    i think one of the most loved Media Center interface is the one from XBMC (Xbox Media Center), with Project Maihem III theme. (even if illegal as its a XBOX 1 hack)

    why not take a look at it ?

    the real question beeing : would Elisa be themeable ?

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