Python and Jokosher

So Jono has been harassing me and Edward for documentation for the GStreamer python bindings. Well it seems Gian Mario Tagliaretti came to our rescue. He just set up the pygstdocs site with his documentation for the GStreamer python bindings. Thanks to Gian for his hard work.

Seems Jokosher (formerly known as Jono Edit) is really picking up steam. As mentioned in an earlier blog it is an effort to create something like Cubase for Linux using GStreamer and PyGTK+. Mike, Jason and Jono are kicking ass and taking names currently. Nice screenshots here and here.

MPEG2 Transport Streams, Annodex and more

So Wim has completed his work on the Fluendo MPEG2 demuxer adding support for MPEG2 Transport Stream. So if you have been looking for a way to play transport stream files with GStreamer be sure to grab latest svn.

Mike merged the Annodex patches for GStreamer made by Alessandro Decina. This means that the cool Annodex technology that Conrad Parker demoed as last years GUADEC is finally in GStreamer. A little more work is needed on playbin before it works in Totem etc., but the first major step has been taken.

Luca Ognibene fixed one of my last great annoyances in GStreamer 0.10, a bug which caused Totem to screw up with many MPEG2 files when using mpeg2dec for decoding. Tim has also been working more on the GPL DVD support porting the dvdnav and dvdsubdec plugins. Nice to see so many things come together.

Solaris and vmware

Been strugling quite a bit with Solaris 10 and vmware server. The basics work really well, in the sense that Solaris installs without a hitch. The problem is that I can’t seem to get network support working from within Solaris. I am using the bridged networking, but I simply can’t get it to actually work. Reading howto’s it seems networking is supposed to ‘just work’, but it hasn’t so far for me. Another thing to dig into as time allow :)

4 thoughts on “Python and Jokosher

  1. Don’t know if it’s the same for you, but I was stuck in a similar situation with VMware for a little while till I noticed the configuration for the image I was running had the networking set to NAT, not bridged – the type of networking can be configured per-image, and it has to match what you actually set up when you installed VMware. I just use the free Player and hack the vmx files with a text editor, so I dunno where you’d set this in the ‘real deal’, but in the .vmx file, look for Ethernet0.connectionType and make sure it’s “bridged”.

  2. Hei Bror!
    Jeg har googlet deg og fant blant annet min kjære brors hjemmeside. Vet ikke om du noen gang vil lese dette, men nå vet du at jeg har vært her:) Jeg synes du er kul!!
    Stor klem fra Elisabeth

  3. To nitpick a bit, it’s really not an attempt at a Cubase replacement since Cubase is as much of a sequencer as a multi-track recording / editing too and Jokosher seems to leave out all of the sequencing / synthesis portions common in sequencers. It’s really seems like it’s trying to hit the middleground between the doubleplusungood GUI of Ardour and the relative simplicity of Audacity.

  4. Haha,.. søtt søster du har! :) Kviffor skriver min søster aldrig sånn noet!


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