Vorbis and Theora RTP

Quite some time ago Fluendo funded an effort to get RTP specifications written for Vorbis and Theora. It has taken longer than we hoped at the outset, but things are coming together now. A big thanks to Luca Barbato who have been working on our behalf over the last 4-5 months on getting things sorted out.

The Vorbis RTP specification is now
available in a close to final version
which has prelimenary IETF approval. The Theora
is a close behind, currently awaiting the initial stamp of approval from IETF.

Having these specifications ready I hope we will see a lot of projects implement them now and free formats start taking further steps forward into the world of VoIP, video conferencing and mobile streaming.

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  1. Hi

    Could you explain in two sentences what RTP is? Internet Realtime Protokol (that is what google suggests)?

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