Python everywhere

It is incredible to see how many great projects out there are using Python with GStreamer these days. There is of course Flumotion our streaming server, then there is Pitivi our non-linear video editor. Then there is Jokosher the sound multrack editor. And there is the FU Player music player. The Istanbul screen recorder, Togra the 3D multimedia framework. The Quod Libet the music library manager and finally Serpentine
the audio cd recorder. Probably some I don’t know about also, please add a comment if you know any other projects. I think it is a pretty nice collection of applications. Hopefully with this many Python applications around it makes it easier for new developers too as they have more to look at and more projects to borrow code from.

7 thoughts on “Python everywhere”

  1. I still don’t believe this python craze is any good, makes me wanna cry every time I look at the resource usage of python programs. Is the shortened development time really worth it?

  2. Good evangelism Christian, nice to see someone drawing attention to good new Python applications similar to how Miguel is always doing for Mono applications.

    – Alan

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