Pitivi Chapter 2

Took my own suggestion from yesterdays blog and did some work on the Pitivi non-linear editor today. So for any aspiring hackers out there be aware that the task of adding a window manager decoration appicon is now done :). I also took the chance to do a little work on the website, by improving the description text there and adding a favicon to the page based on the great menu icon done by Andreas Nilsson. I also filed some bugs on issues I discovered. My goal is that the next version of Pitivi is stable enough that when people ask for an easy way to create Theora files we can point them to Pitivi. No more gst-launch pipelines or ffmpeg2theora.

4 thoughts on “Pitivi Chapter 2

  1. j: oh gosh you made my day! I did not think that pitivi would get in there at all in dapper! Wow! I wish the package was up to par with the CVS version that I’m using though. But it’s cool for beginners.

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