Java and GNOME

Found a Belle and Sebastian album on emusic today which I was to download with eMusicJ
and I got told there was a new eMusicJ version out. While downloading using that I noticed that with latest stable JRE the GTK+ theme support in Java seems to have improved as eMusicJ was using the same theme that the rest of my GTK+ apps are and the application actually did look like it belong. Nice to see Java provide a native look and feel beyond the 3 hardcoded themes in earlier versions of Java.

Update: Opps, it was not updated theming in Swing that did this, the reason for the nice integration is that eMusicJ uses SWT (like Eclipse) not Swing. Thanks to Michael Sheldon for correcting me. Better GTK+ theme support comes in Swing 1.6 :)

Transcoding to Ogg

Jacub Steiner requested a gst-launch script for transcoding to Ogg, so with a little help from Wim I updated the script I did for 0.8 to 0.10. So you can now transcode2oggt from here and use to to transcode your video files to Ogg Theora using this syntax ‘transcode2oggt /full/path/outputfile.ogg’

Pitivi Non-linear video editor

Continuing my blogging on Pitivi today. After some requestes today from various users Edward switched over to using the GStreamer uri handlers instead on relaying directly on gnome-vfs. This means that even if you don’t have gnomevfs installed Pitivi will work if you have a plugin available that handles the needed uri’s for file reading. So even if you only have filesrc for instance things will keep working.
I kept on updating the Pitivi website a bit today, adding for instance a link to the Python GStreamer API docs written by Gian Mario Tagliaretti.

Any users out there who want to help us test Pitivi and make it really robust be aware that the best way to create a log to attach to a bug report is to run Pitivi like this ‘GST_DEBUG=python:5 pitivi > bugtext.txt 2>&1’. Then reproduce the bug and close Pitivi, bzip up the generated .txt file and attach it to a report in bugzilla.

GStreamer bug count

The GStreamer team is continuing the effort to push the GStreamer bugcount down. Todays search gave me 137 open non-enhancement bugs to GStreamer while the entrypoint to get back on the top 15 buggiest projects in GNOME bugzilla is currently 161 (Galeon). The battle continues!

7 thoughts on “Java and GNOME

  1. The GTK theme support in Swing is still pretty bad in 1.5; it looks like it’s been improved greatly in 1.6 (Mustang) though. The reason eMusicJ looks nice is because it uses SWT instead of Swing, and SWT actually uses native widgets.

  2. I wish I knew a bit more what’s happening, but the pipeline isn’t too happy about the output –

    jimmac@hal:~$ transcode2oggt /home/jimmac/Desktop/mystuff2.mpg foo.ogm
    Setting pipeline to PAUSED …
    ERROR: Pipeline doesn’t want to pause.
    ERROR: from element /pipeline0/gnomevfssink0: Could not open vfs file “file:foo.ogm” for writing: Invalid URI.
    Additional debug info:
    gstgnomevfssink.c(383): gst_gnome_vfs_sink_open_file (): /pipeline0/gnomevfssink0:
    system error: Success
    Setting pipeline to NULL …
    FREEING pipeline …

  3. Yeah, I’m using SWT for eMusic/J. It’s pretty easy, although it lacks the power of full-blown Swing (mostly because it has to cater to something close to the lowest common denominator of GTK, Windows, and OSX). However it makes it very easy to write something that integrates into the rest of the Linux desktop, which is what I care about given it’s what I use, and there is already a nice client for Windows and OSX. There are a few noticable differences, the main one is that the system tray icon is square in pixel-based counting (i.e. 16×16) whereas most native apps I think make it a bit wider so it appears square on a screen. One day I plan to see if that’s possible, but my few experiments haven’t shown anything promising.

  4. Any chances of a handy script for generating an Ogg Theora with sound from a sound track and a series of still images (say I have 1000 PNGs, 5 per second, and a .wav file)?

  5. thanks for that transcoding script, but unfortunately for me it just seems to hang:

    [martin@eel xgl_demos]$ transcode2oggt xgl-demo1.xvid.avi /home/martin/Desktop/xgl_demos/xgl-demo1.xvid.ogg
    Setting pipeline to PAUSED …
    Pipeline is PREROLLING …

    Any suggestion?

  6. Regarding my previous post, the problem was that the input file contained no audio. I removed “decoder. ! audioconvert ! vorbisenc ! queue ! mux.” from the end as succested by “__tim” on #gstreamer.

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