First preview release of Dirac implementation

For some time know we have been working with the BBC and David Schleef to create a implementation of the Dirac codec in ANSI C. The homepage of this project is Due to delays in getting the bitstream specification finalized things have taken longer than anticipated, but things are moving ahead at full speed now so we felt it was a good time to make our first ever release.

This release isn’t 100% spec compliant or as fast as we want it to be, but it do provide you with a full set of GStreamer plugins for encoding and decoding video and embedding the Dirac video into a valid Ogg file. Its basically a technology preview release making it easy for people to grab the code and compile it knowing that we did some basic testing on it to make sure it ‘works’ as opposed to grabbing a random snapshot from svn.

You can download this 0.2.0
release here

Over the next months we will do further releases which will gradually be closer and closer to the specificiation, faster and the library will also have a public API for people who wants to access it directly instead of through GStreamer. The 1.0 release will be 100% spec compliant and reasonably fast for common use.