Being sick and watching movies

So having a cold I spent most of the weekend watching movies. Most of the movies I seen before, but I keep reseeing them again and again in order to try to learn Castilliano (using spanish dubbing and subtitles). Anyway one movie I ended up seeing which I hadn’t seen before was Ninette. It a spanish movie I picked up at the FNAC some time ago figuring that I should get some spanish movies too for my learning and it was cheap.
Anyway, what an incomprehensible movie. The storyline seems patched together and the characters are completely unaccessible. When the movie was over I was wondering what the goal of the movie was, was it an attempt to restore self-confidence in the middle-aged Spanish man?
Or was the reason I didn’t get it that I am not intimate with the Spanish historical ideas about France and the french? Anyway the only thing I liked about the movie was Elsa Pataky, the lead accress, she was as hot as they come.

Tonight is X-Men 3 time :)