Leaving Norway is almost impossible

It seems leaving Norway is one of the hardest things one could do. The Norwegian government have basically decided that Norway isn’t just a country, its a concentration camp. So even after living for almost two full years in Barcelona the Norwegian government refuse to accept that I have moved and demand that I tax to Norway for instance. Will be interesting to see how long it takes before the Norwegian government comes to accept that I actually have moved.

7 thoughts on “Leaving Norway is almost impossible

  1. kind of arrogant to compare norway with a concentration camp…

  2. Just sitting on your behind and doing nothing will get you nowhere. On your tax-papers there should be phone numbers or anything that will lead you to a person that actually can help you.

    And comparing it to a concentration camp is just not right. Then you wouldn’t be in Spain for one and you wouldn’t write this blog either.

  3. They probably never will.

    Here, I left Canada over 8 years ago, I haven’t visited even once ever since and I have repeatedly stated in no uncertain terms to their embassy that I want out of their citizenship, to no avail: the Canadian law says that I remain their bitch for as long as another country hasn’t granted me citizenship.

    I’d guess that Norway is no different in that matter: for as long as you’ve got the citizenship, they won’t leave you alone. Then again, you might soon find out that loosing the citizenship is more trouble than you had bargained for…

  4. martin-eric – you are wrong, there is a simple form to fill out for canadians that exempts you from taxes if you live abroad. i filled it out over a decade ago three weeks after moving to california, and i have never paid taxes in canada since then. renouncing you citizenship seems extreme to accomplish this. also by international agreement, nations will not let you renounce your citizenship unless you obtain citizenship elsewhere.

    as for norwegian law, it is similar to US law, which also requires tax returns to be filled out regardless of your nation of residency.

  5. grumpY: I never said anything about taxes, nor about renouncing citizenship for taxation reason. I was merely confirming the fact that countries refuse to take the hint that people who left their jurisdiction did it for a good reason: never to hear from them again.

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