Want out of the box Vorbis support on the 770?

I know many of you have requested Vorbis support on the 770. Well the way we can make that happen is to demonstrate that there is a real interest in this. Nokia gathers statistics on what people report in their bugzilla and this is a big part of setting priorities going forward. So if you want Ogg Vorbis to be supported on the 770 device then please go to Maemo bugzilla and file a bug report requesting they add Vorbis support. I am going to do this myself this week, so please do so yourself and also tell anyone you know to do so too. If you don’t then you lose the right to complain about lack of Ogg Vorbis support on the 770.

6 thoughts on “Want out of the box Vorbis support on the 770?

  1. Should they all be separate bug reports or one bug report with people making comments?

  2. Is this just “to play Ogg Vorbis files in the built-in sound player”? Or will this lack of ogg support stop, say, Jokosher Mini being able to open and save ogg files?

  3. Is it really a good idea to file multiple bugs about it, won’t that just piss off everyone? I’d rather see people voting for this bug.

  4. “If you don’t then you lose the right to complain”

    ugh. I wish people wouldn’t use this kind of statement to try and convince people to do something. I’ve heard it abused in all sorts of circumstances. It’s ludicrous, anti-democratic, and childish. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right which I should think would be held in esteem by a person who works with free software. If you can’t rally the troops with a positive message, then you need to work on your interpersonal skills.

  5. Yeah sure, I guess they’ve included mp2 support because theres such a *huuuuuge* demand for it. amr? never even heard of it, and I’ve been a geek for 10 years.

    Seriously, I’ve complained some on the lack of ogg vorbis support in the #maemo channel and all I got was “there may be patent problems with it”. I don’t think any maemo developer responded, but still.

    On another note, I’m writing this from my 770 and I’m really grateful of all the hard work that has got into making it. I just wish a free platform would have support for more free formats.

  6. In regards to the question about new bug report or commenting/voting on an existing I am sure both will be fine.
    What is needed is a documentable number of people wanting Vorbis support in Maemo.

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