Thought I should do another Dirac update. The Schroedinger project is progressing nicely with the code currently being in bugfix and optimize mode. I hope to push out a release as soon as we have a couple of troublesome bugs fixed. We have sucessfully muxed Dirac into both Ogg and MPEG Transport Stream at this point and I am sure mappings for more formats will come.

Ours is not the only Dirac effort though, there is of course the reference/development version by the BBC and there is also a project to make a hardware implementation of Dirac by Peter Bleackley.

We are rapidly moving towards being able to start pushing Dirac with full force. The good thing at this point is that we have a lot more tools to start pushing Dirac with from day one. Like when we started pushing Theora there was a problem that people found they had few or no tools available to make Theora files, which caused even the strongest supporters of open formats to stumble. At this point hooking Dirac into tools such as Flumotion, Pitivi, Thoggen, Totem and many more is either a quick job or something that happens automatically, all thanks to having managed to build GStreamer and the eco-system around it.

DVB – I mentioned in an earlier blog Zaheer has been working hard on getting our DVB support up to scratch. Things are starting to come together know with a DVB signal being converted to Ogg on the fly and streamed using Flumotion. Some work remains before we can integrate DVB into applications like Elisa (and maybe even Totem?) but things are moving forward.

RTP – On the RTSP/RTP side progress is also being made. There is for instance a set of RTP paylaoders and depayloaders in CVS now for Vorbis. The plan is to also get a set for Theora in there.

4 thoughts on “Dirac

  1. Thanks for the updates on dvb and rtp (highly anticipated) :)

    How is dvdnav coming along? No updates to that in gst-plugins-ugly for ages.

    Will fluendo release a closed plugin for dvd-playing supporting menus or is this part something the gstreamer-community just want to ignore?

    It’s imo the most important reason why people still use the xine-backend for totem (the most visible and prominent product supporting gstreamer at the moment)

  2. another thing is .wmv video.
    this format is very widely used and gstreamer still plays only audio from that files…

  3. @sven,

    Using pitfdll plugin for gstreamer along with w32codecs enables WMV video playing.

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