DVD and Windows Media

On my last blog entry I got a couple of questions about the status of DVD and Windows Media in GStreamer.

In gst-ffmpeg CVS it now supports WMV9, so as soon as the next release is out then WMV9 support will be available through that. Also as I have mentioned here Fluendo will launch our proprietary Windows Media plugins very soon now, maybe as early as next week.

In regards to DVD support, well with the new decodebin, which we hope to integrate within the next week or two, getting DVD support working should be much easier. That said someone would still need to do the work. At Fluendo we are due to contractual obligations not able to directly participate in the development of the open source DVD plugins, so we need external contributors to do this work. Anyone interested in helping out should talk to __tim on #gstreamer on irc.freenode.com for the details of what needs doing.

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  1. trent: GStreamer (0.10) does have basic DVD title playback support, but doesn’t support DVD menus or subtitles yet.

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