Time to give Solaris another try?

We have decided to try to support as many of our plugins as possible on the Solaris platform in addition to GNU/Linux. Due to this I installed Solaris Express under vmware on my machine this week. I have to say that Sun is making great strides forward with Solaris as a developers workstation. Coming at this from someone who has been using Red Hat/Fedora for a long while, this Nevada build was the first Solaris install I could actually see myself using for more than Solaris specific testing. And I mentioned this before, GNOME seems snappier when running under Solaris for some reason, even when running it inside wmvare.

2 thoughts on “Time to give Solaris another try?

  1. I’m vaguely interested by Solaris – because it’s really the only other mainstream Unix around (except Linux). However, when I’ve used it in the past, it’s lacked so many useful things (like gcc, make, GNU utils etc) – have things improved a lot with Solaris 10?

    Does it have a decent packaging system like apt/yum? Or is it a case of having to visit sunfreeware.com (or whever)?

    I’m wondering if people are just trying it out because of ZFS…. certainly I’ve seen a few people saying they’re going to try it (Solaris) out lately….


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