Dirac and MPEG TS

Ok, so I finally managed to push the long promised release of Dirac of the door thanks to the hard work for David Schleef. Not only that I was able to release our new MPEG Transport Stream muxer today including a written specification for how that is done, in order to allow other projects to implement it in a compatible way.

The new version of the decoder includes a heavily updated encoder and decoder compared to our previous code drop. This release encodes files that are very close to the latest Dirac specification in terms of conformance. The decoder should also be able to handle the files generated by the Dirac library from BBC.

You find the released files for both projects on the Schrodinger SourceForge project page.

The documentation for mapping Dirac into both Ogg and MPEG TS have now been added to the new Schrodinger documentation page.

And last but not least a GStreamer plugin using the new MPEG TS muxing library can be downloaded from the Fluendo file repository, the same repository holding our MPEG demuxer plugin which able to deal with the produced MPEG transport file which holds Dirac. Direct download from here

Questions, feedback patches etc. should go to the schrodinger-devel mailing list.

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