Thanks to Sun for GPL Java

As everyone is aware of by now Sun is releasing Java under the GPL, which is great news. One thing did strike me as a little weird though,
when visiting the page with video’s with testimonials from people like RMS and Mark Shuttleworth they use Flash video (which for me almost never plays in sync). Considering this is an announcement of GPL Java it would have been cool if they instead used Cortado which is a 100% Java GPL licensed solution using the Free Vorbis and Theora codecs. And as you can see from this demo page for our stream hosting service the quality of Cortado these days is pretty good and we are continuing to invest more resources into it to make it more powerful.

So get into the groove Sun and go 100% Java with your internet video, no need to use an expensive proprietary solution when you can get something just as good based on 100% GPL Java :)

5 thoughts on “Thanks to Sun for GPL Java

  1. Yeah, I think we outsource some of our streaming and video production, and unfortunately not everyone we use is familiar with free streaming technologies. I know somebody’s working on OGG versions of the videos now, at least– they might be up already.

  2. Hmmm gnome-volume-applet/keyboard muting doesn’t work with java applets! :)

    gpl java = integration

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