Latest developments – Schrodinger, Flumotion, Elisa and Trick Modes

For those who want to use Schrodinger to build plugins or support Dirac encoding/decoding in their own applications or libraries which don’t use GStreamer David have now commited the changes to SVN which makes libschrodinger install the needed header files for development. We are still not promising a fully stable API, but we don’t expect any radical changes either so it should be a good time to start playing with it.

On the topic of free formats. Wim wrote a full set of GStreamer RTP plugins for Vorbis and Theora recently and now Sebastian, who is the latest addition to our Flumotion team, is working on integrating RTP streaming into the open source Flumotion. When this is done we will have a end-to-end Vorbis/Theora RTP streaming solution going from Flumotion to Totem.

Philippe checked in initial trick modes support to Elisa the other day. That means that when you play back you can speed up/slow down the playback speed of videos, using your remote or using the keyboard arrow keys.
Forward trick modes (fast forward, slow forward) works on all formats automatically, but reverse playback only works on formats where support for it is specifically added to the decoder. Wim is working on getting reverse playback going for Ogg Vorbis/Theora files currently so there is at least one open working example of it available.

Getting an end-to-end RTP streaming solution using Vorbis/Theora and full Ogg Theora/Vorbis trick modes going will be a good milestone for us as one of our initial goals at Fluendo was making sure that free formats where competitive on features with non-free ones. Its been a rough road getting there as enabling these for open formats have tendsed to be harder in many cases compared to the non-free ones, both due to the distinct nature of the Ogg container format and also the need to define specifications first in many cases (like our sponsorship of getting the Vorbis and Theora RTP specifications written), but seeing things come together now feels really rewarding.

Btw, I did a new micro release of the MPEG Transport stream muxing library today with a tiny fix to the .pc file. If you installed libtsmux into something else than /usr/lib you would have discovered by now that the GStreamer MPEG TS muxing plugin didn’t build. This updated version of libtsmux fixes that. Get it from the Schrodinger download page

Also a big congratulations to the Jokosher team on their 0.2 release. Keep on rocking guys!

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