No Jackson for The Hobbit :(

Seems like I spoke to early about the upcoming film based on the Hobbit. Peter Jackson has according to that article been told he will not be involved with the new films by New Line Cinema. Why do I feel this bodes badly for the quality of the upcoming movies…

3 thoughts on “No Jackson for The Hobbit :(

  1. True, Peter Jackson isn’t the only good director out there. But he didn’t only direct the LOTR movies he was also writing the scripts for them together with Fran and his wife. And even more importantly he cared deeply for the project, just like the Kong movie the LOTR movies was a project of love for him, not just another directing/screenwriting job.

    The upcoming movies don’t have to be bad just because someone else takes them on, but considering the special relationship Peter had with the LOTR movies I am not to optimistic that the new movies will be as good as the LOTR ones. Seeing how the last X-Men movie took a dive when a new director who cared less about the subject matter was taken on doesn’t make me more optimistic either.

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