Decodebin2 has landed

Ok the wait is over, the new Decodebin element has landed in GStreamer. It will be part of the new GStreamer core and base release next week. It will not be used by default for this version though, instead you have to set the USE_DECODEBIN2=true Environment variable to have playbin use it instead of the old decodebin. Once it gotten some testing during this release it will be the default in the release afterwards.

So what new features do this bring? Well for the end user nothing will change overnight, but for developers it opens the path to fixing things like Chained Ogg playback, DVD handling and non-raw media output (for instance outputing AC3 to your S/PDIF port). A big thanks to Edward for fixing this.

Jack and GStreamer

Paul Davies of JACK Audio fame popped up on GStreamer-devel list last week asking about GStreamer JACK support. The discussion on both the mailing list and on IRC has since been about when to pull and when to push :). Anyway Wim decided to do take a stab at a JACK sink for GStreamer and its scheduled to hit CVS tonight.Update: It hit bugzilla today :)

7 thoughts on “Decodebin2 has landed

  1. Gapless playback is already possible, gnonlin does it for instance. We are looking at making gapless playback the default behaviour in either playbin or some new elements we are working on.

  2. It is good to hear that after all food fight someone actually picked up leftovers and started to provide code instead of interesting, but very dull discussions :)

  3. I hope that decodebin2 portion of gstreamer is ready and tested and included in Fiesty, I have been waiting for this gstreamer DVD issue to be resolved. Thanks

  4. Abbas, we all have hopes but things do not get done without effort and with respect to getting DVD playback working in 0.10 there have been many people expressing views and almost noone ready to help. decodebin2 has just landed in CVS, so has had testing only from the developer who committed it. We await your bug reports on decodebin2 in our bugzilla for issues you will have encountered while using it.

  5. Zaheer, just a quick note, maybe you can write a very short and concrete mini-howto for testing decodebin2 with Gstreamer CVS and Totem? What would you like us to check out, etc.

    This would help, because I have close to little time now to embed myself in details right now :( But I have to test it and write some bugreports.

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