Details on Texas Instruments and GStreamer

So I blogged about Texas Instruments work around GStreamer yesterday. Today I found this article about GStreamer and Texas Instruments on Lots of lovely quotes in the article like:

Since GStreamer is a very popular and well-known framework, which has become a standard in digital video development, the ability to access the capabilities of the DSP from within this environment saves programmers from the need to learn the proprietary DSP programming language.

Yes, you heard it here first, GStreamer has become a standard for digital video development.


#1 Marcelo Lira on 11.30.06 at 04:22

Kudos! =D
I use the Texas Instruments example to talk about GStreamer to the Computer Engineers of my Uni. They were very impressed.

#2 MacSlow on 11.30.06 at 06:24

Delightful news, Christian! Props to the gstreamer hackers and Fluendo for this achievement!

Best regards…


#3 Andrew Barr on 11.30.06 at 06:25

Well, this isn’t such a good thing if it means as it has on the Nokia 770, which was closed-source DSP plugins for Gstreamer…restricting use of the DSP to Nokia-supplied format plugins. The word “proprietary” in there bothers me. Texas Instruments has not really been a big friend of free software, and being both in the embedded business and a hardware company, there’s two reasons to think that they have conflicting interests with the free software world.