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Anyone following GNOME CVS activity over the last days would have noticed the heavy Pitivi hacking activity. As of yesterday evening Pitivi properly supports ‘gluing’ together multiple videoclips and outputing them as one file. This includes re-scaling the videoclips into one shared size if they are of multiple sizes. The current battle plan is to enable new features in Pitivi even when we know they trigger bugs in various GStreamer elements. Then later on when the GStreamer bugs gets fixed we will hopefully have an active user community which will scream murder (file bugs) when plugins break Pitivi functionality. Next step in enabling the new GUI ideas is to enable basic transitions and some simple cutting (not necesarily in that order). After that we should have a basic but useful tool for people to start using. What the exact priorities will be after this is not set in stone, but will depend on user feedback and of course the priorities of new contributors coming onboard. A big thanks to Edward for his relentless effort in getting Pitivi ready for mass consumption!

3 thoughts on “Gluetastic Pitivi

  1. I am personally very happy to see Pitivi moving forward. I know that the video editing app area of linux is one that is hard to advance. I’m glad to see Gstreamer(and all the great apps that use it) coming around.

    I happily await the day I can edit my videos with Pitivi. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Christian, do you know if it on the table anytime soon to allow title creation? If its not then possibly as a work around could you allow people to insert PNG and JPG’s and since there will be cutting, perhaps to extend the time on the images as a sort of workaround for titles?

    Also, what about DV capture? Does GStreamer support that and will Pitivi get that soon?

    What files can Pitivi glue together? Any files that GStreamer can read and display?

  3. jdodson:
    Title/picture usage is in the todo-list. But first I am concentrating on being able to use several files, then be able to resize (edit) them, then add transitions. Once that is done, I’ll have to pick from the huge todo-list what’s next :)
    GStreamer supports DV capture. So it’s *just* a matter of implementing some logic and UI in PiTiVi… which is currently not the top priority.
    As always, PiTiVi can handle virtually any file that totem can play back. But there are still some issues with mpeg and mp3 files which need to be fixed in the GStreamer plugins.

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