The return of a GStreamer Legend

Edward got his first major patch for Pitivi yesterday. Cool thing was that it was from an old GStreamer hero who we hadn’t heard from in a long while, namely Richard Boulton. Richard is one of the few people who I think pre-dates my own involvement in regards to GStreamer apart from Wim and Erik. Welcome back Richard :)

What Richard provided for Pitivi was the save/load Project feature which is critical going forward where Pitivi is reaching a level of usability that makes saving and tweaking projects become a real priority. Cool stuff.

Novell bashing at Groklaw

Have to say I agree with Jono on the latest Novell bashing story on Groklaw. It feels more like an attempt at smearing than anything else. As anyone who have followed OpenOffice for the last years would have known, Ximian and later Novell always maintained a large set of changes for OpenOffice due to the process of getting them approved and merged upstream being long and painful. A lot of nice stuff like the GTK+ support and a much improved icon set created by TigerT and Jimmac is the heritage of this effort. Michael Meeks has probably pulled in more people to help out with OpenOffice than anyone else in addition to the incredible work he personally have done on OpenOffice. This is just a few of the contributions done by first Ximian and later Novell to Starting to accuse them now of forking is just childish.

PJ, it is fair to critisize the Novell & MS deal, but please try to keep things at a intelligent level, more postings like that one and you lose all the cred you built up over the last few years.