One year of GStreamer 0.10

Andy Wingo reminded me that the 5th of December last year we did the first release of GStreamer 0.10. So Tuesday was actually our 1 year aniversary of GStreamer 0.10. We felt it was a major milestone for GStreamer, turning a corner in stability and usefullness. That said the move wasn’t completely without its detractors as the 0.10 branch did have some regressions compared to the 0.8 one. Now one year later I think its safe to say that GStreamer 0.10 has been a gigantic success. The number of developers contributing or using GStreamer have mushroomed and the status of the GStreamer project is much improved. There are still a few feature regressions left in GStreamer 0.10 compared to 0.8, DVD playback being the most noted example, but I think that is overshadowed by the improved capabilities of the framework and the much improved stability provided by the new framework.

The fact that we don’t try to ‘jury-rig’ new feature in place, but instead take the time to do them properly seems to win us more friends than having ‘all’ features available in a flaky manner.

Not everything is perfect though, we know for instance that some of our demuxers are still not perfect and applications like Pitivi and Jokosher breaking new ground are hitting new bugs. But the good thing is that unlike the 0.8 experience, with 0.10 we feel that when we fix bugs they stay fixed, instead of playing bugzilla whack-a-mole like we did with 0.8. For every day we see bugs getting fixed or new plugins getting made, all bringing us closer to give the community the media experience they deserve.

So congratulations to the rest of the GStreamer community with 1 year of GStreamer 0.10 rocking hard!

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