Last RTSP step taken

Wim just commited some changes to gst-plugins-base which finally enables RTSP playback in playbin. That means that Totem etc., will be able to automatically play any RTSP stream we have RTP depayloaders for (and our list of RTP depayloaders is starting to get quite long). One of the one’s still not complete is Real support as can be seen in this bug report. So while we have good plugins for decoding Real format in GStreamer now the network support is still missing someone to take it the last mile (ie. replace the code of uncertain origin in the current patch). Hopefully Lutz will take this upon himself. Also a little work is needed to ensure we handle the Real RTSP extensions properly. Other formats like MPEG formats, Xiph formats and Microsoft formats should work with this commit although I am not sure if we have a RTP depayloader for Windows Media ready apart from Fluendo’s commercial one.

Easy codec install

Another set of changes comitted over the last few days was Tim’s work on enabling the easy codec install stuff that was decided upon during the UDS conference. With these API additions writing helper applications that integrate with vendor specific applications to ease codec installation will be much easier to do. Ubuntu already is well underway implementing it and I also noticed a ‘codec buddy’ being listed for Fedora Core 7. Tim will also write an application integrating with the Fluendo webshop using this system.

Decided to beef up my involvement with a couple of days ago. Blogging has taken over some of the functions of a news site like gnomedesktop, but I still think it could provide a useful resource for GNOME users. So I will try to add more stories and keep the moderation empty again.

2 thoughts on “Last RTSP step taken

  1. So apologize for being rude, but you say that “the last step has been taken”, but the consequence is that neither Real nor MS formats work.

    So how much percent of RTSP streams on internet will I be able to play now? 1%? 0.1%?

  2. Ronald, the infrastructure is in place now and in that sense the last step has been taken in bringing RTSP to GStreamer. Would it be nice go have ready Real and Windows Media depayloaders? Sure. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that GStreamer is RTSP ready.

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