Fluendo webshop updates

So for a *long* time we have promised to provide a wide set of plugins
for GStreamer through the Fluendo webshop. We have had a series of plugins in beta testing for a long time now while at the same time sorting out the final legal and other practical issues. Anyway things are now ready I have been working a lot on getting everything ready this week.

As a final grand test I have updated the mp3 plugin we have offered for free on the shop for a while now. Due to this I would like to ask that anyone reading this blog entry please try downloading the new mp3 plugin and testing it on their systems. Currently the shop contains an GStreamer MP3 plugin for X86_32, x86_64, Solaris Intel and Solaris SPARC. Also trying to get a Linux PPC version online today. People who have gotten our plugin earlier from the webshop should also get this new version as the code has many bugfixes and improvements over the first version we offered.

The new bug system should be available on Monday, so anyone downloading and having problems during the weekend with the plugins please just send me an email on christian at fluendo dot com.

So unless this final mini test should turn up something unexpected I will upload all the plugins on Monday and send out a press release.

Be aware that the webshop offers you two payment systems so be sure to choose the ‘Free of Charge’ one for the mp3 plugin as the credit card system do not handle charges of 0 very well :) We will be working on getting rid of the credit card option as an option when people just get our free stuff.

3 thoughts on “Fluendo webshop updates

  1. 1. The emails from the system are sent from “Christian Schaller “. You probably don’t want your actual name in there.
    2. To actually download the codec, you need to read the “Order Process” (You probably mean “Order Processed”), email, click on the “Detailed Invoice” link, and then click on the name of the codec under “Download links”. Your stylesheet stops the link from being underlined. You’ll get a lot of people wondering how on earth to download the thing, failing at various steps.
    3. The download is a .tar.bz2 file, with “documentation” and “fluendo-mp3-i386” directories. Bizarrely, the 2 file sin “documentation”, (INSTALL and LICENSE) have .MP3 extensions. I don’t think that’s what you mean.
    4. When I open the INSTALL.MP3 file in a text editor, it tells me “copy the
    included .so file into $HOME/.gstreamer-0.10/plugins
    on your local system. If you have root access you can instead copy it to /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10.”.
    – I had to create the plugins directory myself, in $HOME/.gstreamer-0.10/.
    – This will be too difficult and error-prone for most regular users. I did hope that you would supply packages for major distributions, such as a .deb file that Ubuntu users could just double-click.

    The suggested “gst-inspect-0.10 flump3dec” command did seem to succeed.

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