The call for applications to host GUADEC 2008 went out yesterday. One question that came up right away was if people outside Europe could apply to host GUADEC. I am not on the commitee deciding this, but from previous years discussions its not set in stone that it do happen within Europe. The requirements is more that it would be reasonably cheap for people living in Europe and north America to get there. This means that in my opinion a good application from for instance near-europe would have a good chance of getting the go ahead. I suggested in an earlier blog that a Moroccon Linux user group apply to host it in either Casablanca or Marrakesh. With companies like Easy Jet now flying there this is absolutly within the realm of feasible in terms of cost of travel for participants. And of course many near-europe countries come with the advantage that they offer cheap food and lodging once you get there.

That said I also think it would be great to see some east European applications this year. So far Guadec has moved up and down a rather strict north/south axis even within the borders of Europe.

So if you are part of a group of linux user group in east or near Europe this is the time to get moving on organizing an application to host the coolest conference in the free software world!