GStreamer on the Smack-a-Mac

So I mentioned some time ago that we have been working with the wild gang behind Songbird
to enable GStreamer on Windows and Mac. I already posted a shot of GStreamer running on Windows some time ago and today the time has come to show of a shot of GStreamer in action on the Mac.

One of the cool things we discovered was that we are able to provide smoother video seeking on the Mac than you get with the quicktime player.

Be aware that even if the application in the picture is a X11 application the video window is MacOSX native and the same with the sound output. A big thanks to Edward who has been fighthing with the ‘charms’ of MacOSX like crazy to make this happen :)

6 thoughts on “GStreamer on the Smack-a-Mac

  1. so gstreamer plays dawn of war videos ? are they plain avi? ;)

    nice work on the mac front!

  2. The Dawn of War clip is actually a ISO compliant MP4 file we have. I think we got it from some game trailer site.

  3. Congratulations on the excellent work!

    Now I need the native Rhythmbox and Totem to start feeling at home on the Mac.

  4. nice work indeed!

    rhythmbox or any other native media application would be nice, but my Big Blue Dream would be the gtk port to mac os x completed. imagine gimp and inkscape running without X11! adobe has got monopoly on mac graphics world…

  5. @sven: Even better would be a time where Gtk+ based systems were chosen over Macs…

  6. Awesome. As a long-time GNOMEr and recent MacBook Pro buyer, let me know if I can help with any OS X testing :-)

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