RTP in GStreamer

So we had a meeting here at the office last Friday with Robert McQueen, Phillipe Khalaf from Collabora and Stefan Kost from Nokia. The reason for this meeting was to sort out the final points on RTP support in GStreamer. The Collabora guys have approached the issue so far from the VoIP side of things while we at Fluendo have approached it from a RTSP /streaming point of view. The point in time now had come to make sure our efforts stayed complimentary as our work here at Fluendo started pushing into areas which up to this point had been solely the the domain of Collabora. A lot of beautiful diagrams and drawings where made with Wim Taymans and Phillipe being the major designers at the meeting. The result was an agreement on an overall design and also a fairly clear roadmap for how we get there. The first steps taken will be Wim working on adjusting the Farsight Jitterbuffer plugin, including moving it into GStreamer CVS, to also catering for streaming needs and also working on the new RTP session manager design. The plan is then that after a while Phillipe will take over the torch and make sure the updated components fit into the wider needs of Farsight and Telepathy. All in all a very good and productive meeting.

Apart from coming up with some great specs I also think we managed to feed Rob, Phillipe and Stefan with some great tapas and also pour into them a couple (aka a lot) of beers :)

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  1. So how long until we see decoding of the bbc streams in gstreamer (the decoder in ffmpeg should handle the data – just rtsp needed to get the data)?

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