At the CE Linux Forum

So Jan and I are participating at this years CELF Embedded Linux conference. It is my first CELF and it seems an interesting group of people from most of the major embedded system makers. The participation in this event from Asia is particularly good.

Lot of familiar faces from the GNOME community here too like Jeff Waugh, Matthew Allum, Robert McQueen, Carlos Guerreiro, Quim Gill, Robert Taylor and Marcel Holtmann.

Jan is doing a presentation/tutorial on GStreamer tomorrow and will also quickly demo the Fluendo DVD player as part of that talk.

Having a great time apart from the problems presented by the airline losing my luggage on the way over. Hopefully I will get it them today or I will have to start borrowing clothers from Jan; which is likely to make me have as tight fitting clothes as Steve Irwin used to be known for.

7 thoughts on “At the CE Linux Forum

  1. bob: I guess, as I am not from Fluendo, but legally their DVD player can be only proprietary, due of various stuff which should be licenced from patent holders. AFAIK, Fluendo never have hidden this fact from public.

    Christian, how much it will cost? Sad that it can’t be plugin for Totem.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Yeah, the DVD player will be properitary.

    @Peteris: The price isn’t set yet and we need to figure out exactly how we sell it in terms of packaging as people who have bought the Fluendo MPEG codecs for instance do not need to get those again of course.

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