New job opening in the Elisa team

So our Elisa team is growing fast and we are looking to hire one more person. We are primarily looking for someone with good linux and python experience, but knowledge of
OpenGL, DirectFB and GObject is also of interest. We are looking for someone with a European work permit who are interested in re-locating to Barcelona, Spain. As someone who have been living here for a while I can say that it is a wonderful city to live in, with good food and drink, beautiful architecture, great beaches and a fun gang of crazy hackers to work with.

If you are interested in joining our wild and wacky team please send an email with your resume to Lionel Martin, who you can reach at lionel[at]fluendo_dot_com. Non-french speakers are especially encouraged to apply :)

One thought on “New job opening in the Elisa team

  1. If you guys wanted to relocate about 12000 km west, I would apply in a heartbeat!

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