Nice review of Elisa

For those who missed it there is a nice review of Elisa over at today. Especially if you are not very familiar with Elisa it gives a nice overview of the current situation. Also in regard to the much asked question about DVB and PVR support, Elisa superhacker Philippe Normand made the critical mistake of promising me to add support for it as soon as he had a DVB card for his home machine. Well…all I can say is that the card is on the way :)


Michael Sheldon posted a nice screenshot in his latest blog entry about having started on his Google SoC project to add VoIP support to Jokosher. The screenshot
is showing a very good example of how our powerful multimedia architecture is starting to let us easily tie different kinds of applications together in order to provide some really nifty combinations.

Fluendo webshop

I put the Windows Media encoder plugins into the beta program yesterday and expect to put the AAC decoder in today. Hopefully they will be ready for the shop soon along with some updates to the other existing codecs. Also need to check in with Tim the current status of Codeina once he returns from UDS in Seville. Would be great to be able to use Codeina for this set of updates as the webshop software doesn’t exactly make it easy, to put it mildly.

Codeina Screenshot

Planet GStreamer

Last but not least I added Robert McQueen’s blog to Planet GStreamer today. So this means you will be able to follow the latest Collabora, Farsight and Telepathy news also on Planet GStreamer, or at least follow such news when Robert does his once per millenia blog posts :)

Succumbed to latest trend

So after having shunned this social network sites after having had a short run in with Orkut a few years ago I just caved in and signed up for Facebook. I try to defend it to myself by saying its part of what being an early adopter type of persona is all about. Who knows, maybe I get crazy enough soon to install Mugshot even :)

3 thoughts on “Nice review of Elisa

  1. How much work does it take to modify codeina to support installing packages from the native distribution? While I don’t particularly care for Fluendo’s use of it to imply that only their codecs exist, I do see a useful purpose it could serve to make things easier: help the people who just installed totem but not the necessary gstreamer plugins or xine plugins to figure out what packages they need.

  2. hi! i have been reading your blog through one planet or another for a while. added you to my facebook, just as part of that early adopter behavior that is necessary to be an early adopter. :)

    good to see more advancements in the use of codecs, keep up the good work

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