Ladytron concert

Ladytron had a concert at Razzmatazz this Friday/Saturday. Turned out to be a less than great experience. The first flaw in my plan was that what I thought was the start time of the concert actually was the opening hour of Razzmatazz. So when I arrived at 2300 expecting to get in, I was told the doors would only only at 0100…so I ended walking around the block a couple of times before getting in. When I finally got into Razzmatazz, I found the concert wouldn’t start until about 0230. Fine and good, I got myself a beer and being early I managed to place myself close to the stage which I thought would be a good thing. Turned out I was wrong, the sound mixing was just horrible, I could barely hear the lyrics and the synth and guitar’s where on such high volume the sound got distortet every second minute. Ugh :(

When will venues like this one learn that ‘more sound’ is not the equivalent of ‘good sound’.


#1 Alberto Garcia on 05.14.07 at 20:04

A friend of mine went to see them in Valencia last Saturday night and told me the same thing about the sound mixing.

It’s a pity because I saw them last Tuesday in Corunha and it was a great concert. The sound was quite good (in a venue that has often problems with sound in concerts, I was a bit afraid about that).

The only real problem is that it was a bit short, I’d like it to last 30 or 40 minutes more so they could play more songs (they didn’t play some of my favourites).

I love that band! ;-)

#2 David Gerber on 05.14.07 at 20:44

See, it was better to be in the other rooms with the lolitas ;)

#3 Jon on 05.14.07 at 22:56

Maybe it’s their techs? I saw them supporting Nine Inch Nails this year and had a similar experience.

#4 chibiace on 05.15.07 at 06:56

i’d go see them if i could, i think they are teh awesome.