Ubuntu Media Center

Found out the other day on the recently launch Ubuntu Media Center Team and their plans to use Elisa as their primary interface. This is great news indeed and I am going to follow this effort closely. With my recently purchased DVB-T card I very soon need
some media center hardware and software at home :)

All Sun blocks are not equal

Went to the beach on Sunday and applied the sun block I had bought the day before. My procedure for buying sun block is simple, a) it is a brand I have heard of before and b) it has a factor number between 5 and 10. This has always served me well before, but this time it didn’t work out exactly as expected. While the Hawaiian Tropic sun block did work in terms of not getting me sunburned it had a tiny side effect. It gave my body a metalic glimmer, due to containing lots of little pieces of gold glitter. So while some people might think ‘hey cool, I look like glitter spray Ken preparing for my date with glitter spray Barbie’, I instead felt like I looked like a Modern Talking wannabe. Especially since the sunblock I had put on my face made my lips look like I was using sparkling lipstick.

So to my fellow sun bathers, next time you buy sunblock I suggest taking a look at the bottle to make sure it doesn’t say something like ‘shimmering sheen’ as a subtitle. It turns out to be more than just an empty marketing term for sunblock. Of course if you are a fourteen year old girl or a drag queen feel free to ignore this warning :)

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Media Center

  1. Tell me how you’ve got on with the DVB-T’s 46 key remote, looks to me like only a few kernel modifications will get it to work with all the keys (I think the feisty Kernel is a step back as well as less buttons work than the older ones).

    Elisa is a good choice imho, probably the wrong place to say this but it has a fair way to go to catch up with Myth in respect to functionality, stability and looks (referring to the retro style – although Elisa’s 3D effects are what I want to see) but I do see a lot of promise especially as once its set up the usability is much better.

  2. I hate to break it to ya, but if you’re walking around half naked covered in what looks like gold glitter paint you’re going to look a lot more like glitter spray Ken #1 preparing for your date with glitter spray Ken #2…:P

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