Facebook and metadata

Just discovered the photo tagging feature of facebook. It lets you click on various people/objects in your photo and facebook then tries to give you a square box centered around the object to clicked on, in other words they have some basic shape recognition stuff built in. What you usually do is mark the people who are in the picture, and if they are your friends on facebook they will be told that a new photo with themselves are online. Also the image will be added to the link with photos of the person in question on their facebook profile page. You can also tag other people’s photos, but they will have to approve your tagging before it becomes public.

While simple I found it pretty nifty actually. We will hopefully be enganging in a huge EU funded project at Fluendo starting in January. If that project goes through it would be nice to see if we can add a feature like that for video’s as part of that project as collaborative editing and metadata handling is a big part of the project. Of course the technical challenges are much bigger in the context of video so it might not make the cut as it wasn’t concretely planned for in the current proposal. But no matter what the project will be a huge boost for the Pitivi project and the features we offer in Pitivi.

2 thoughts on “Facebook and metadata

  1. While I agree it’s a great and simple feature in Facebook, there is no recognition/intelligence behind it. It plots a square around wherever you click :-)

  2. Hmm, well I guess there is the intelligence of the mouse clicker behind it :) But thanks for the clarification, guess I was outsmarted by my own well placed clicks :)

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