So after spending 8 days sick after returning from the UK I managed to get myself to a doctor yesterday. Got set up with a package of antibiotics which seems to be working pretty well. Still not 100% well, but at least I don’t feel like a bulldogs chew toy anymore either.

In terms of the new company things are moving forward at a brisk pace and I hope to be speaking with a local graphics designer I know this week, in order to have a nice logo and profile created for the company before we announce it.

Things are also moving rapidly forward on the moving front. Alia has been checking out various moving companies as she and Zaheer will share a moving truck with me, and I contacted a couple of storage companies today to start getting some information on pricing and availability. Know that my energy is starting to return thanks to the antibiotic I also hope to get moving on the UK room soon.

3 thoughts on “Antibiotics

  1. Make sure you complete the course of Antibiotics the doctor Prescribed. Most patients stop taking antibiotics when they feel better. You shouldn’t do this because you are technically still sick. Feeling better is not an indicator that whatever caused your sickness is gone. Just a little advice. Hope u feel better.

  2. Last year I came back from Guadec extremely sick, I know how it feels.

    Hope you get better, and I wish you the best with the new company! :-)

  3. I don’t know you (I just read this on Planet GNOME) I just want to say: make sure you use probiotics after you finished your antibiotics. Antibiotics kill your flora which you need as its very important to stay healthy, get nutrients from foods, keep parasites away, etcetera. There are special supplements and cultures available in all kind of stores from grocery stores to health food stores and drug stores. Bless you.

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