Another year another GUADEC

Had a great time at GUADEC this year, better than expected even as I was feeling a bit worn out and tired before it got rolling. Meeting the other members of the community again and hearing about all the plans and efforts underway is incredible energizing and gives renewed energy for ones own part of the greater effort.

Seems tighter integration with internet services and technologies was the topic of the conference.Havoc’s Online desktop of course catching the most attention, but there where other efforts presented too, like Spyro and of course the work the Songbird guys are doing. I also think Conduit will have an important role in our new direction. Of course the question now is what ideas we from the GStreamer community can bring to the table to move this even further forward.

Currently visiting Tim and Heather at their place in Bristol, but flying down to Barcelona this evening. Think the coming weeks will be hectic as in addition to getting the new company rolling I will be packing for my end of August move to the UK. On top of that I have Zeeshan and his girlfriend Ansku coming down for a visit mid-August.

Managed to catch a slight cold here in sunny brittain, hopefully it will clear up once I get back to the sauna which is Barcelona.

One thought on “Another year another GUADEC

  1. I don’t think something like Spyro being widespread. It’s a nice proof of concept, though.
    However, I think Havoc’s Online desktop has more future in the gnome platform.

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