I have known for some time that there was a work being done on improving the sound handling in GNOME, but I somehow missed out on it until today. Decided to test a USB headset and figured I would need to edit a GStreamer pipeline to get Banshee to output to this USB device. Then someone pointed out that there is GNOME sound properties now which I then used and noticed a ‘USB audio’ option having popped up. And it just worked.

So to the authors of gnome sound properties a big thank you from a happy user!

GNOME Sound Properties

5 thoughts on “gnome-sound-properties

  1. You should also give pulseaudio ( a try. Using the pulse audio server you can even switch the output of a running application from one soundcard to another one (well, and you can do a lot more…).

  2. yes. pulseaudio will come with fedora 8 as default sound solution. its more than promising. great features!

  3. Work done? Blah. Until I get that nice popup “ooh, a new audio device. Would you like to prefer this for all your audio needs from now on when you happen to plug it in?” it is just pathetic.

  4. @ Erik: No, it’s cool when you don’t get a popup, but the sound of skype is automatically routed to your headphone/mic set, and the music stays on the speakers… :D

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