UPNP tools for Linux

As most of you know Zeeshan has been hacking on creating a set of upnp tools for Linux similar to those Intel makes available for Windows users. I decided to give them a test run on Fedora to make sure there where no distro differences screwing up the build, but everything went smoothly apart from some pkconfig weirdness which I think is a Fedora bug. Anyway below is a screenshot of the upnp tools control point application viewing Coherence.

Zeeshan’s Upnp tools

I think these set of tools will be of great use as things such as DLNA becomes more and more prevalent. People using the GMAE stack for instance will probably be very happy to have a native testing suite available. A big thanks to Zeeshan for the effort so far!

Update: I should have mentioned that the upnp library that the upnp control point application is using, gupnp, is done by Jorn Baayen at Opened Hand. So a big thanks also to Jorn for this.

Update 2: and for those who don’t know the Intel upnp tools and what they do take a look at this page.

3 thoughts on “UPNP tools for Linux

  1. Obviously not forgetting the work O-Hand (Jorn in particular) did writing gupnp that enabled Zeeshan to write his tools

  2. Details on the pkgconfig weirdness? Then I can take a look at fix it up if it is a real bug

  3. iain! Sure thing! I am especially impressed by the server-side API. Just look at the src/network-light-upnp.[ch] and you’ll know what i am talking about. :)

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