Working for Collabora

So with the press release out I guess its not a secret anymore that Wim, Edward, Tim and myself are now working for Collabora. Those who read my blog entry about our future plans a while back might have expected us to set up shop on our own, well so did we. But when Rob and Philippe came and offered us to join Collabora we decided it was an opportunity too good to pass up on.

The four of us are really excited about this and together with the great team Rob and Philippe have already assembled at Collabora I think we have some great things in store ahead of us. We have already lined up some interesting customers between us and I think people will be surprised about some of the projects we are looking at currently which are taking our key technologies such as GStreamer and Telepathy into some truly fascinating territory.

So next step, world domination :)

5 thoughts on “Working for Collabora

  1. Congratulations! The Collabora guys seem great – and this way you get to avoid the mess of trying to run your own company – you get to stick to the fun stuff – making cool toys out of free software!


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