Finally I was able to make SVG’s and OpenOffice into friends

Some time ago I put up a page detailing my pains in getting an image from Inkscape to OpenOffice. Well due to once again having an SVG I needed to import into Openoffice I decided to try again. And this time the SVG import filter from Bernhard Haumacher worked for me. Still some irritation behavioral issues in OpenOffice as I outline in the update on the page, but the import did work.

Hopefully with the relicensing effort of the Sun JDK this import filter will get bundled by the linux distros in the future in order to improve open source interoperability.


#1 Alexandre on 10.09.07 at 14:45

You do know you can export ODG from Inkscape, do you? :)

#2 Christian on 10.09.07 at 16:35

Alexandre, I have to admit I haven’t tried in a while, but the last time I tried the odg created had a really shitty image once imported into oodraw. If you look at my first link above you see a screenshot of how the import looked.