Gary Gygax death

Was saddened today to read about the death of Gary Gygax. As the creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game I owe him thanks for countless hours of fun playing AD&D and I also give him indirect credit for both helping create an audience for fantasy litrature and set the stage for MMORPG games like World of Warcraft.

Happy to see him get a mention on most major new sites and of course on gaming related sites such as Penny Arcade.

To see the kind of influence he had on today’s computer games I think the quotes on the Bethesda blog. sums it up quite nicely.

Rest in peace Gary.

3 thoughts on “Gary Gygax death

  1. I knew Gary in the 80s, in LA. He had just left his wife and 4 or 5 kids and was out to have a ball in Hollywood. He got boozed up and strung out on coke with his crew from the midwest at every chance he could. He liked to screw with peoples minds, steal their work, intiminate women and teach his sons the same. He was a pig and proud of it. Welcome to the real Dungun Gary.

  2. I’m a fellow D&Der and i was jest wonting to say Gary Gygax was a grate man it’s sad to see hes gone but he will live on in D&D as a god in the realms of D&D RIP Gary Gygax

    Gary Gygax
    Chaotic Good
    God of fun and DICE
    RPG master

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