Songbird using GStreamer on MacOSX and Windows

Songbird hacker Steve Krulewitz posted a blog entry yesterday outlining the progress made on using GStreamer for the Songbird music player and browser not only on Linux/Unix, but also on Windows and MacOS X.Collabora‘s very own Edward Hervey has been spending the last Month in San Francisco, working with steve on getting everything going. As you see in the screen shots posted by Steve in his blog, the native codec wrappers are up and running fine, and Songbird even added a nice about:gstreamer URI for the Songbird browser, just wish all browsers had that :) So be sure to check out the blog entry from Steve.

I was also very excited to see Aaron Bockovers blog entry of having added video support to Banshee. Great stuff Aaron!

3 thoughts on “Songbird using GStreamer on MacOSX and Windows”

  1. Excellent to see gstreamer being used so widely.

    There is something always bothering me about Songbird’s mascot though. The bird doesn’t look like its singing. 100% of the time it looks like farting.

  2. Hi,

    Nice to see Songbird using GStreamer on windows.
    I would like to know on how to create a own video window for windows.
    As Gstreamer directdrawsink uses Xoverlay for creating own video window, as i tried xoverlay is not supported for windows.

    Is there any other method to create a own video window for windows.

    Thank You

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