The Summer Of Code was something special, We were so young and so free

Google extended the deadline for summer of code applications by a week today. This means that if you just returned from an easter vacation thinking f**k I just missed the application deadline, you can relax as the doomsday bell did not ring just yet.

We got some sweet applications for GStreamer SoC projects, but more would of course be welcome. Check out our student information page for how to apply. If you need ideas for project to do then you find some nifty ideas at the GStreamer SoC ideas page.

And for the harder than hardcore of you there are still opportunities for also submitting Dirac SoC proposals.

So get yourself a bankable checkpoint on your CV and do a GStreamer Summer of Code project this summer.

This is your chance to one day be able to say: Remember The Summer Of Code that I was a part of, We had so many dreams, And even a few of them came true it seems.