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For a long while we had discussions here at Collabora Multimedia about how to push Pitivi forward at a more rapid pace. While Edward has been working on it as time allows, we came to the conclusion that if the Linux desktop was going to have a nice and easy to use video editor any time soon, we needed to do something to increase the pace of development significantly. We have several efforts under way to achieve this and I will announce the first one today:

We just hired Brandon Lewis for the sole purpose of doing Pitivi development. Brandon has been working on Pitivi for a long time now, having gotten involved during last years Google Summer of Code. He brings a lot of python development skills to the table and will let Edward focus his currently limited Pitivi hacking time (we hope to change this too soon :) on Pitivi related improvements in GStreamer and Gnonlin.

Brandon job will be making sure all the features available gets exposed in the user interface and that the user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

So Brandon, welcome to the team and lets make Pitivi rock!

12 thoughts on “Supporting Pitivi

  1. So Lumiera is out to rival Adobe AfterEffects and PiTiVi is out to compete with something like iMovie?

  2. The way we see it is that getting to the iMovie level will be our first step as it gives us a wide userbase and address what we think is an urgent need for the open source desktop.

    Once we have reached that level in terms of features and usability the next question is how to we resolve the more advanced features that will be needed. We will also aim at the higher end in the long run, but exactly how we do that in terms of practicality is not set in stone yet.

    We also have projects at Collabora where we target Pitivi towards specific tasks in various kinds of media production, including TV and film making, tasks which might include features which would be a better fit for a ‘pro’ version than the iMovie users.

  3. This is excellent news. I really look forward to having Pitivi in workable shape!

  4. “We just hired Brandon Lewis for the sole purpose of doing Pitivi development.”

    Thank you Collabora for stepping up to the plate.

    All that is left to do now is get Brandon to quit university for a while and use all his time on Pitivi ;-)

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